Do turbocharged engines need to idle for a while before stopping?

Many people say that turbocharged engine is more delicate, so it needs to idle for a while before starting and after stopping. Is this true?

Principle of turbocharged engine

Before considering this problem, what is a turbocharged engine?
Turbocharged engine means an engine equipped with a turbocharger. Turbocharger is actually a kind of air compressor. It can increase the intake air volume by compressing the air, so that it can be pressurized into the cylinder. With the increase of air pressure and density, more fuel can be burned. With the increase of fuel volume and the adjustment of engine speed, the output power of the engine can be increased.

Turbine life

Because turbocharged engine often uses turbine, so the turbine also has a certain service life, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, many people will feel that they must be careful in the process of use, otherwise the service life of the turbine will be reduced. There is a saying that after high-speed operation, the turbine needs to stop idling and cool down before stalling.

Physical basis

According to the use environment of the turbocharger, the turbine is often in the state of high speed and high temperature, and the engine oil has the function of cooling down. When the engine is running, it can effectively cool down the turbine. However, if the running engine stops suddenly, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero, the oil lubrication will be interrupted, and the heat inside the turbocharger will also be interrupted Can’t be taken away by the oil, the heat will make the oil inside the supercharger become carbon deposit.

Is it necessary?

In fact, it’s quite old to say that the turbocharged engine needs to idle for a period of time after stopping. That’s because the turbocharged engine just appeared at that time, and the technology is not very mature, so the manufacturer also has certain requirements and restrictions on the use environment of the turbocharger, for example, some models will also have nameplates on the engine to mark.
However, today’s turbine technology has been relatively mature, not only the service life has increased, but also the requirements for the use environment have been reduced. For example, an electronic water pump cooling system will be added inside the turbine to cool the turbine, which will not be limited by the engine flameout.

Finally, how do you know if your car needs to idle for a while after stalling? Just take out the vehicle manual and have a look.