Most of the problems of turbocharger rotor are caused by the destruction of the skeleton seal between turbocharger and air inlet, resulting in large-scale engine oil burning.

The key reason for the destruction of the skeleton seal is that the cycle time of oil replacement is too long or the application of fake and shoddy automobile oil causes the fluctuating turbocharger main rotating shaft to lack lubrication and heat removal, which destroys the skeleton seal and causes oil leakage.

Generally, the turbocharger will not start until the vehicle speed reaches 3500 rpm, and it will increase rapidly until 6000 rpm. When selecting automobile oil, high-end fully synthetic oil should be selected.
The larger characteristic of the turbine is high power, which depends on its fine design scheme and processing technology. In addition, it also determines its harsh office environment. Therefore, it has very high defensive requirements for the cleaning of lubricating grease. The engine oil and filter element must be kept clean to prevent other sundries from entering.

Because the matching distance between the rotating shaft and the bearing of the turbocharger is small, if the function of oil lubrication is reduced, it will cause the turbocharger to report fees too early; In addition, the air filter shall be cleaned or replaced in time to prevent dust and other sundries from entering the centrifugal impeller of the high-speed booster; Authoritative experts also suggest that car buyers should not use turbochargers for a long time if the cleanliness of the surrounding gas is poor and the soot composition is high.

when starting the car, be sure to drive gently and safely. Because the turbocharger is cooled by car oil. When the car starts cold, the car oil lubrication is poor. At this time, if the turbocharger runs at high speed, the wear will be very large. The proper way is to wait for two or three minutes at high speed, wait until the wettability of the automobile oil is good, and then let the diesel engine rotate at high speed, so as to obtain sufficient lubrication for the turbocharger; In addition, do not stop the fire immediately after the car runs at high speed.

Due to the sudden stop of the fire, the lubrication of the automobile oil will eventually break, and the heat inside the turbocharger can not be taken away by the automobile oil, which is very easy to cause the “bite” between the rotating shaft and the bearing of the turbocharger. In addition, after the sudden shutdown of the diesel engine, the fluidity of the automobile oil leading to the turbocharger will be terminated. The heat generated by the high temperature will boil out the carbon deposit of the automobile oil inside the supercharger, and then plug the oil hole, resulting in less bearing oil.

Good turbocharger diesel engine technology, according to improve the air index into the engine combustion chamber, so that the vehicle gasoline can be ignited more fully, so as to improve the power. However, in addition to increasing the power of turbocharger diesel engine, there is a great outbreak in work, and the working pressure and average temperature are also greatly increased.